How we help 

Distilling evidence based positive parenting strategies is at the core of our work, but our work also embraces broader family challenges. Drawing on our training at The Parent Practice and our training in human development, psychology, family therapy and solution focused coaching we work with you to understand your personal family challenges and to reflect on and address the areas that help you improve them. 

At The Family Space we offer a range of services to help you gain greater overall wellbeing as a family and as individuals, advocating parental wellbeing at the heart of family life.

Our positive parenting courses delve deep into skills that will enrich your natural ability as a parent, and help you to enjoy the knowledge of how to connect with your children in refined ways. We aim to strengthen your confidence so you can calmly be in charge.

Our workshop’s give you core insight into and strategies for particular issues you may be wrestling with. Whether it’s the unique issues related to raising girls or boys, anxiety, the digital world, stepfamily issues to name a few. 

Our private coaching sessions allow us to listen and explore with you, in greater depth, the specific ups and downs and challenges unique to your family.  We address the areas that you feel need some attention in an empathic, solution focused way.