We help because we know just how challenging family life can be at times. We couldn’t coach parents without having lived, breathed and felt it ourselves. But we’ve also trained professionally along the way too, which means that we have specific expertise in this field. 

Experts agree that the single greatest predictor of children’s emotional wellbeing and overall positive psychological development is the influence of their parent/s. We believe that is true.  

Yet, we know that life can be hard and challenging and that parenting is a relentless job. It is rarely straightforward and the knowledge and skills demanded of us can often feel overwhelming. We can help you with this. We not only help parents to understand and manage difficult behaviours, but we also help parents to increase children’s emotional literacy and regulation. We help you to talk more effectively and listen more attentively.  

Research also repeatedly asserts that the most important factor contributing to parents having a positive influence on their children’s healthy development is contingent upon the parents’ own emotional development and wellbeing. We can help you with that too. 

Whether you’re a new parent or have been at it for years, we can all learn more about how to understand, and take care of, ourselves better. Our aim, at The Family Space, is to ensure parents feel well supported, because we know that your wellbeing greatly influences that of your children’s. 

We are passionate about helping families and we nurture a belief in your own ability to parent. We support you so that you can in turn support your children and offer them the parenting they need to flourish.  

The Family Space – encouraging a happy, harmonious home and a family that thrives.